Friday, June 15, 2012

How to create support for a Change Initiative

The ultimate goal of every strategic HR project is to effect change in your organization. Implementing this organizational change is a complex challenge. Research shows that only 20-50% of all initiated projects are successful in meeting this challenge.

Among the success factors, the formal project management technique (for example PMBOK, PRINCE2, MSP, Agile, etc.) that is applied only accounts for 6% of the project’s success. The most important success factor, however, is internal user involvement and commitment.

“Internal users” are the stakeholders who have to utilize the proposed solution in daily practice. They have to change their behavior as a result of your project. They are the employees in your organization who have to change their daily routine, current way of working, or attitude.

How do you involve internal users in order to realize a successful organizational change?

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