Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Report won't Change Behavior

Your client gives you the assignment to implement Talent Management in your organization. Suppose that you find an excellent report on the internet on this topic from an identical organization. What would happen if you deliver this advisory report to your client one hour after you have been given the assignment?

Your client will probably have many questions after reading the report. This is because it is not the report’s content (i.e. knowledge transfer) but the interaction with the client that creates the support. The interaction prior to the advisory report gives the client the chance to become accustomed to your ideas. You allow the client to mentally grow towards the advice you are going to provide.

The same applies to internal users and other stakeholders. Delivering the advisory report without prior interaction is considered as an internet report and will evoke resistance. In order to create support for your ideas and to prevent resistance, you therefore need to organize frequent communication moments (interaction) with stakeholders. Frequent communication makes the stakeholders’ minds susceptible to accept the change that you want to realize with your project.

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