Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free PDF: Strategic Project Management SPOMP

As an experienced internal consultant, project manager, program manager, change agent, or change manager, you are responsible to implement strategic change in your organization. How to create support and buy-in for the organizational change that you want to realize? How to deal with resistance to change?

Download now this crisp nine-page PDF summary of the bestselling business book “Strategic Project Management SPOMP” and learn how to successfully implement a program, project, or policy, from the inside out. It introduces five new SPOMP strategies that will help you to “seduce” stakeholders into change. You will be challenged to:

   S    - use office politics and networking as a means to stakeholder management
   P    - plan and design internal communications to influence people
   O   - let the steering committee work for you
   M   - use project marketing to sell your change ideas
   P    - prove project success with KPIs

A SPOMPed project means a successful organizational change, an effective implementation, a shorter project duration, more enthusiastic project team members, and for you as an internal consultant an even more successful image within your organization.

Click on one of the icons below to download this executive summary for FREE now. Discover for yourself how you can SPOMP your project and successfully “seduce” stakeholders into change. Find out in everyday practice what SPOMP can do for you and how it will boost your career as an internal consultant!

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